2016 Tarkanian Classic Game Rules 


All NFHS rules will apply to the tournament except the following:

-Games will be played in 16 minute halves instead of 8 minute quarters.

-Game times will begin at the scheduled time.   They will not begin early.   Warm ups will be a minimum of 7 minutes even if the game starts late.  Teams should be ready to warm up as soon as the previous game is over.   The clock will begin right when the teams clear the floor.

-Half time will be 8 minutes in length.

-There is no shot clock in Nevada.

- Nike Balls will be used for all games.   Teams will need to bring their own balls for warm ups.


Other important information 


-Check in for the Boy's tournament will take place at Bishop Gorman High School.   You will need to check in before your 2nd game begins.

-Check in for the Girl’s tournament will take place at Durango High School. 

-All players and coaches will enter and exit through the player/coach entrance.  We will have rosters and will check off Players and Coaches as they enter. 

 -Upon arrival to your game each day, please check which locker room your team is supposed to be using.   There are four locker rooms at Bishop Gorman, Faith Lutheran, Durango, and Desert Oasis.  Your team will need to take your equipment/gear out of the locker room during the game as the next team playing after you will be using the same locker room.


Orleans Arena Games on Monday

If you are playing at the Orleans Arena or want to attend the games to watch, please enter from the ground floor on the South East Corner of the Arena (Outside Entrance off of Arville Street).  Do not enter through the hotel up the escalators. 

Schedule/Game Questions

-If you have any questions about game times, schedules or anything else to do with the tournament, please contact Scott Porter at Tournament Headquarters. 

Scott Porter: 269-209-3365                sporter106@aol.com