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High School Division

All NFHS rules will apply to the tournament except the following:

-Games will be played in 16-minute halves instead of 8-minute quarters.

-Game times will begin at the scheduled time.   They will not begin early.   Warm- ups will be a minimum of 7 minutes even if the game starts late.  Teams should be ready to warm up as soon as the previous game is over.   The clock will begin right when the teams clear the floor.

- There will be a 30-second shot clock at Gorman, The Orleans, and Durango High School.  Other gyms will not have a shot clock

- Half Time will be 8 minutes in length

-A game ball will be provided at each court

-Teams should bring their own balls for warm-ups

-Each team will get (3) 30 second time outs and (1) full time out for the game