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All NFHS rules will apply to the tournament except the following:

-Game times will begin at the scheduled time.   They will not begin early.   Warm-ups will be a minimum of 5 minutes even if the game starts late.  Teams should be ready to warm up as soon as the previous game is over.   The clock will begin right when the teams clear the floor.

- There will be a 30-second shot clock at Gorman.  Other gyms will not have a shot clock as they are not wired yet in most Nevada gyms. 

-8 minute quarters.

- Half Time will be 5 minutes in length. 

-A game ball will be provided at each court.

-Teams should bring their own balls for warm-ups.

-Each team will get (4) 30 second time outs for the game.  One additional 30 second time out for each over-time.  Time outs not used in regulation or overtime will not carry over.

-The first overtime will be 3 minutes in length. Each additional overtime will be 2 minutes.

-The home team is listed 2nd on the schedule and should wear white color uniforms.

-We will be using the new NFHS Foul Rule.   Two shots at 5 fouls in each quarter.


Other important information

 -Check in will be at the site of your first game.   If you play at Gorman first game, then go to Gorman.  If you play at LVBC first, then go to LVBC for check in.

-All players and coaches will enter and exit through the player/coach entrance.  Coaches will be given a wristband that must be worn for entry.   The team Rosters will be double checked for player entry into the games.  Players should have their game jersey with them for entry into the game. 

-Please make sure all parents, siblings, and spouses do not enter with the team.


Schedule/Game Questions

-If you have any questions about game times, schedules or anything else to do with the tournament, please contact Scott Porter or Leslie Strauss. 


Scott Porter: 269-209-3365                sporter106@aol.com

Leslie Strauss: 310-409-5064              tarkanianclassic@gmail.com